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Rolls-Royce Ghost – Demo Report

We carried out mixed driving tests with and without Oxytane in the tank. Manufacturer’s guidelines state 14.2L of fuel for 100km of driving.

We treated the fuel with Oxytane – used on a 5000:1 ratio (Fuel to Oxytane) fuel tank capacity 82L with 16.5ml of Oxytane fuel treatment.

The results were truly astounding. We gained a 27% increase in fuel economy which provided 100km of mixed driving for just 10.4L of fuel consumed.

Furthermore, there was a clear difference in the overall driving experience. Even with this Rolls-Royce being a premium luxury car we could still feel a difference in its performance with noticeable increased power and a smoother, quieter engine. Rolls-Royce make world class cars – on Oxytane the experience coupled with improved fuel economy was out of this world.

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