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Land Rover – Range Rover – Demo Report

We carried out mixed driving tests with and without Oxytane in the tank. Manufacturer’s guidelines state 13.0L of fuel for 100km of mixed driving.

We treated the fuel with Oxytane – used on a 5000:1 ratio (Fuel to Oxytane) fuel tank capacity 104L with 20.8ml of Oxytane fuel treatment.

We gained an observable 25% increase in fuel economy which provided 100km of mixed driving for just 9.75L of fuel consumed.

The Land Rover – Range Rover 2018 has a truly awesome power to weight ratio for a car in its class. Yet with the Oxytane fuel treatment added to the tank – the throttle became even more responsive! Putting your foot down felt like it was going to take-off.

Furthermore, there was a noticeable difference with engine noise and vibration after just 5 minutes of driving with Oxytane.

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